Permalight® A Brand from Kroschke.

Permalight® A Brand from Kroschke.

Permalight® A Brand from Kroschke.

Permalight® A Brand from Kroschke.

Permalight® A Brand from Kroschke.

Permalight® A Brand from Kroschke.

Terms and Conditions Permalight® GmbH

1. All offers made are subject to alteration.

2. With the placing of an order, the customer accepts our sales conditions as binding. Deviating purchase conditions of the customer are not valid, even if we do not contradict them in particular.

3. The base for all orders are the prices and conditions valid at the time of delivery. The prices do not include the V.A.T., which is separately shown on the invoice.

4. Purchase contracts become legally effective after their written confirmation; the same is valid for oral agreements or later changes. During the period between order confirmation and delivery, we reserve the right to price increases due to possible increases of costs of the material, transport or salaries.

5. The transport of our products is done on customer’s risk. We are not liable for transport damages as far as these are not caused by faulty packing.

6. Delivery conditions

If the goods are picked up at our premises, the customer does not receive a freight refund.

If the net order value is superior to € 1000,--, the goods are delivered ‘franco domicile’ within Germany with the most cost efficient means of transport. Additional costs for express delivery are chargeable to the customer.

Concerning deliveries to foreign customers, the delivery is effected ‘free German border’ or ‘free German seaport’ or ‘free German airport’, duty unpaid, special packing excluded.

If the net order value is lower than € 50,-- a fee for minor quantities of 15 % is charged.

7. Payment conditions

Our invoices are due within 14 days from day of invoice less 2 % cash discount, or within 30 days net without any deduction; if the net order value is lower than € 50,--, the goods are to be paid immediately without any deduction. The discount is not deductible from new invoices if there are still open invoices. If the period allowed for payment is passed, bank interests (at least 3 % superior to the bank rate of the Federal Reserve Bank) have to be charged.

If the goods are delivered to foreign countries, separately agreed conditions are valid.

8. Circumstances that hinder, complicate or endanger a delivery, payment or distribution of our goods, and which are not caused by ourselves, make our delivery or preliminary duties invalid and, respectively, entitle us to deliver against cash payment or pre-payment only.

9. Complaints are to be asserted within 8 days after receipt of goods. If we accept the reason for complaint, we will take them back for replacement or credit, optional with us. Further claims are impossible; this is valid, too, for claims for compensation of the customer because of complaints caused by a delay of delivery or other legal reasons.

10. We do not guarantee the suitability of our products for the application purpose of the customer. Application advice, recommendations and proposals are given in accordance with our knowledge and experience. However, they are without obligation for ourselves and do not release the customer from carrying out tests. The customer himself is liable for the proper installation and handling of our products.

11. The goods delivered remain our property until all outstanding debts - including former and future deliveries - are completely paid. The customer is allowed to sell such reservation products in his regular business. The claims arising from this are respectively ceded to ourselves. The customer is obliged to help with the enforcement of these claims towards the third party debtor, to the extend necessary and to inform us respectively

12. Return deliveries will only be accepted if previously agreed. We give no warranty for return deliveries which had not been agreed upon. A compensation will be effected with a 15 % deduction for administrative expenditures. Furthermore, the transport costs and packing of return deliveries are completely chargeable to the customer.

13. Additional conditions for printing orders

Printing copies, drawings, tools, etc. made by us remain our property, even if they are charged to the customer. Printing copies approved by the customer are decisive for the final execution of the printing. Slight colour deviations cannot be complained about. The customer is liable for obtaining the legal authorisation regarding the duplication of the printing design. Special productions may produce a minor or excess output of 10 % of the quantity ordered.

14. Foreign countries

German law is applied for legal relations between the seller and the customer; this is valid as well if the goods are delivered to foreign countries.

15. Court of jurisdiction

In all cases, only the law courts of Hanover are competent for the enforcement of claims of reminder proceedings; this is valid, too, if the place of residence of the customer is not known at the time of institution of proceedings. Furthermore, the civil law courts of Hanover are internationally competent if the customer is a fully qualified businessman as well, a corporate body of a stock company, or if he does not have a general court of jurisdiction in Germany.

16. If one of the above conditions is not valid, the other conditions remain effective.

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