Delivery and installation of a photoluminescent safety guidance system in the production area of a power plant.

  • Power plant, production area, 2 levels, approx. 25,000 m²
  • Illumination: HQI lamps, fluorescent tubes, light bulbs between 25 and 350 Lux / partial day light

  • Coordination with the customer
  • Planning and generation of a basic concept (3 versions)
  • Generation of concept and exact costs within the scope of the available budget 
  • Detailed planning
  • Material calculations
  • Concept drawings with explanations of implementation
  • Supply of safety guidance system
    • Polycarbonate dots 
    • Discs for grating
    • Cut floor points
    • Guidance strips
    • Door markings
    • Door handle backings
    • Casting resin
    • Standard signs
    • Special signs with individual text
  • Installation
  • Creation of an acceptance report

October 2006:

  • First visit for close inspection of the site
  • Generation of a basic concept (3 versions, comprising basic, medium and maximum)

February 2007:

  • Work starts
  • Measurement, planning, generation of numerical data

March 2007:

  • Preparation of accurate concept drawings with exact descriptions and explanations
  • Planning of the implementation

April 2007:

  • Installation of the guidance system together with our international partner (5 people in total)
  • Accompanying the customer during the acceptance
  • Creation of a detailed acceptance report.