Energy suppliers undertake the tasks of generation, distribution and sale of electricity, gas and district heating. 

The production and provision takes place in different and at times very expensive procedures. District heating and electricity for example are often generated from fossil fuels or from refuse. The fire risks are relatively high in such plants. Therefore, as in other production sectors, risk analyses have to reveal the safety gaps here too and counter-measures must be undertaken to deal with accidents and fires.

The danger of a damaging fire in such a plant can however never be ruled out completely. Therefore measures must be taken to aid the rescue of persons. Since self-rescue is the safest and quickest method to leave a danger zone a secure escape route must always be guaranteed.

Optical marking is an important component of these escape routes, the direction of escape must likewise be clearly shown just as obstacles, steps, ramps, etc. If an escaping person injures himself or herself in an accident by tripping on a poorly visible step then they may no longer be able to escape. The fire service must then first perform the rescue of people in the event of a fire and only afterwards can take care of fighting the fire. Valuable time is lost. As a result the damage to the facility increases as a result and leads to a longer down time. 

Marking the escape and rescue routes with photo-luminescent optical safety guidance systems and safety signage prevents these dangers with manageable financial expense. The escape routes are easily recognizable in the event of a blackout or smoke. People tend to notice them and keep them free from obstacles during normal operations. The products used depends upon the conditions. Our partner ArivaTec would be happy to advise you on the options in a site visit to your facility. At the same time, of course, there is always focus on the applicable national and international regulations.