Unfortunately fires in hotels are not rare. Again and again people get injured during hotel fires.

Despite relatively high safety standards in Germany, negligence by employees and guests can easily lead to disasters in hotels. It is especially problematic when the egress routes are blocked or not recognized as such. A lot of times fire doors are chocked so that fire and dangerous smoke can spread easily. Reliable egress route markings are then the last resort. 

Besides the guest rooms, a hotel has logistic areas, administration and commercial kitchens that are subject to the guideline for work places. Photoluminescent safety guidance systems are the ideal solution for those areas and fulfill their purpose at a reasonable cost. Our partner ArivaTec will gladly consult and help you choosing the most appropriate products for your purposes. Upon request ArivaTec can plan the custom-made optical safety guidance system for the different areas in your hotel. We offer a one-stop solution for installation, documentation and maintenance of your system. Our checklist will help you determine whether the safety markings in your building need an upgrade.