Installation of a photoluminescent safety guidance system in the staircases and office areas.

  • Office building, 17 floors, 4 emergency staircases
  • Illumination: Fluorescent lights, no daylight exposure (no windows)

  • Coordination with the client
  • Planning and creating of a marking concept
  • Smaller installations to test material on site
  • Estimate including installation (for budgeting)
  • Delivery safety guidance system
  • Aluminum stripes
  • Handrail markings
  • Signage
  • Installation
  • Presence during walkthrough for acceptance

Early May 2007

  • First visit for on site survey along with our partner installing company
  • Measurements of step heights and handrails
  • Creating a marking concept with installation and material proposals

Late May 2007

  • The estimate is submitted to the installing company that offers the full package (products and installation) to the client

June 2007

  • Smaller installation to test the proposed materials on site

August 2007

  • The product is incorporated in bid specs that are distributed throughout the US

December 2007

  • Our partner installing company is awarded the project. They start producing the stair IDs on Permalight plate (item no. 81-1026)

January 7th through 10th 2008

  • Installation of the aluminum strips (item no. 83-60107) on the steps and foil (item no. 82-0708) on the handrails
  • Installation of signage on each landing
  • 4 stairwells with 17 floors are completed within .5 days.

During the final walkthrough for acceptance of the completed project, the client expressed their satisfaction with the clean cut work of the installing company. The staircases are constantly used by the employees to get from one floor to another. During the installation, the staircases were always clean and only small areas were shut down during the installation. Any scrap material was immediately removed by the installers and there were no complaints at all as opposed to the common complaints during painting works for example.