"Industrial buildings are buildings or building parts that serve the purpose of production (fabrication, treatment, treatment, distribution ) or storage of products and commodities" (excerpt from Industrial Construction Directive, paragraph 3.1).

Additionally a lot of times the Building Code of the Federal State applies for industry or administration buildings if there are production areas with more than 1.600 square meters floor space for the widest floor. The Building Code of the Federal State also applies to office or administrative buildings that have a floor space of more than 400 square meters (MBO §2, depending on Federal State).

Means of protection have to be planned and implemented based on the legal foundations and in connection with proper risk assessment. Conversation of the status quo is barely accepted for buildings that have to provide safety standards. It is possible to apply for variations but in any case the safety of the employees should be most important. The investment will pay off due cost savings, a smaller default rate in production and less accidents at work.

Power outage and sudden darkness quickly cause insecurity, fear and panic. Protect your employees and clients in emergency situations by installing photoluminescent egress path markings by Permalight®. These act as emergency lights in sudden darkness. Photoluminescent markings will make sure that dangerous areas, egress routes and safety devices remain visible and will prevent tripping or sliding accidents. In times of normal operation, those areas are often overlooked. Our service features include the on site survey to help you find the weak points in your building (risk assessment for optical guidance systems).

When deciding whether to use a photoluminescent, an electrical or a combination of a photoluminescent and electrical guidance system, you should definitely refer to a specialist. There are pros and cons for both systems. In general, optical guidance systems according to ASR A 3.4/3 are always low location guidance systems.