Following the renovation of the plant the new owner decided to update the safety markings in the production space. At the same time the egress and safety plans were updated as well.

  • Production hall in the packaging industry, built around 1970
  • Production area, paper processing, handling of materials, administration
  • Production of packaging for the food industry (sanitary regulations to be followed)
  • Ground level, approximately 11.000 square meters walkable area, ceiling height approx. 11 meters, 2 stair case, walkable machinery and equipment
  • Different surfaces on the floor
  • Illumination: HQI lams, fluorescent tubes, light bulbs
  • Between 40 and 800 Lux / partially day light illumination

  • Product presentation to the customer and recording of project details
  • Estimate for the survey, walkthrough and planning
  • Egress path markings
  • Fire safety and first aid markings
  • Markings of dangerous areas, stairs and ramps
  • Floor markings
  • Survey, planning
  • Determination of safety markings
  • Conceptual drawings with explanations based on layout plans and egress plans
  • Estimate for the egress path system
  • Escape route signs
    • Fire safety markings
    • First aid markings
    • Grating markers and polycarbonate floor markings
    • Guidance strips
    • Door frame marking
    • Door latches – hints whether to push or pull
    • Obstacle  markings with fixed and moveable obstalces
    • Handrail markings
  • Planning and documentation
  • Installation

February 2008

  • First visit to the plant with product presentation, explanation of different marking options and
  • Estimate for the planning

February / March 2008

  • Survey, planning, quantity count, estimate

Mai 2008

  • Order is given in modules
    • Safety markings
    • Obstacle markings
    • Stair markings
    • Door markings
  • The installation of floor markings and documentation is not included in the first order.

Mai / June 2008

  • The order is placed and the safety markings get installed. Due to changes in the renovation schedule by the client, completion of the project is delayed slightly, however, the client’s production is not affected and coinues.

July 2008

  • Completion of the project, approval by the client and invoicing
  • The installation was inspected by the Fire Department later on and found great approval.