Based on the smoke spread test with warm smoke as well as a new fire safety concept the egress routes on the ground floor of a production area are to be updated.

  • Production hall in the car industry, built around 1950, production area, metal processing, 2 floors approximately 120.000 square meters walkable area, 12 stair cases
  • Different surfaces on floor, illumination: HQI lamps, fluorescent tubes, light bulbs between 25 and 800 lux, partially day light illumination.

  • Product presentation to the client
  • Sample installation with numerous products
  • Testing phase of floor markings in an area with heavy load and high traffic for about one year
  • Choosing of the most suitable product, in this case it is a new product development
  • Specification of further egress path marking types
  • Conceptual drawings with explanations based on layout plans and egress plans
  • Estimate on the egress path system
    • Grating markers
    • Milled high performance disc markings
    • Guidance strips
    • Door frame marking
    • Door latch / Push – Pull
    • Escape route signs
    • Obstacle markings
    • Stair nosings
  • Planning and documentation
  • Installation
  • Documentation

May 2007

  • First visit to the plant with product presentation and explanation of different marking options, estimate for a test installation

June 2007

  • Test installation of different floor markings, load test

May 2008

  • The client has incorporated the services into his budget and is ready to move on
  • During the test phase of several months we developed a new product, a high performance disc that can be installed inside the ground. This product is picked as the most suitable for the application.

June / July 2008

  • Due to the size of the project the client has to issue a bid

August 2008

  • Permalight is awarded the contract
    • Planning (CAD) based on the fire safety concep
    • Delivery of products
    • Installatio
    • Documentation (CAD)

August / September 2008

  • Production of the custom product, installation of the first portion

October 2008

  • Adjustment of plans according to customer’s request, the markings concept is being changed

November – May 2009

  • Installation of the remaining areas. Not to disturb the operations, the installation of floor markings is done during breaks and downtimes.
  • Ongoing planning and adjustment according to customer’s requests

May – June 2009

  • As built documentation (CAD) is delivered to the client. Approval of the installation by all involved parties, final invoice and completion of project.