In order to follow the fire safety concept and the construction permit, the egress path routes, traffic area markings and photoluminescent floor markings leading to the emergency exits have to be installed.

  • Logistics / storage and distribution hall for pet food
  • New building
  • One level, approximately 6.000 square meters walkable area, smooth concrete surface
  • Illumination: fluorescent tubes between 200 and 800 Lux, partial day light illumination
  • Installation of egress path signage, traffic area markings and photoluminescent floor markings leading to the emergency exits.

  • Product presentation to the client
  • Creating a concept to equip the warehouse with safety markings
  • The fire inspector of the responsible authority requests continuous photoluminescent markings on both sides of the passage ways.
  • Permalight creates a concept of the corresponding markings according to DIN and ASR and includes egress path signage
  • Permalight presents the concept to the fire safety inspector who approves the concept.
  • Permalight issues a quotation based on the concept and is awarded the order accordingly.
  • Estimate markings
    • Floor markings to separate fork lift traffic from pedestrian traffic
    • Photoluminescent floor markings
    • Egress path signage
  • Installation
  • Documentation

February 2009

  • The fire safety director contacts us.
  • Survey

March / April 2009

  • The plans are issued to the fire safety inspector of the responsbile authority
  • Explanation of code compliance of the markings
  • Testing and approval of the plans
  • Permalight issues an estimate to the client

July 2009

  • Permalight is awarded the contract
  • Scheduling of an installation date
  • The warehouse has a high traffic load and the products to be installed have cure times. Short time frames have to be determined so that Permalight ┬« can install the products without interrupting the work flow.

August 2009

  • Installation of egress path signage, traffic areas and photoluminescent floor markings

August / September 2009

  • As built documentation (CAD) is delivered to the client
  • Invoicing of materials installed and labor