High risks at underground garages

Nobody knows the technical condition or the contents of the vehicles in the garage. If you drive into a garage and discover a starting fire, in most cases you cannot just exit the garage right away and it can take minutes before you decide what to do.

Therefore several of the German Federal States require floor markings leading to the emergency exits in medium sized and large garages. Those standards are set in the applicable garage regulations (GarVO).

According to the garage regulations those floor markings have to be permanent and visible even during heavy smoke or a blackout. Our floor markings have been installed in many structures like that. Their code compliance was confirmed several times by authorities during acceptance walkthroughs and their effectiveness is unquestioned. Our photoluminescent floor markings are very well suited for existing garages that require an upgrade of the safety markings. If the emergency lighting can be replaced by our photoluminescent markings has to be tested case by case.

It is definitely worth the effort of an evaluation as a photoluminescent system can considerably save installation and maintenance costs.

Different products can be used depending on the surface, the load and the surrounding conditions. Our partner ArivaTec can give you an individual recommendation upon request. Take advantage of ArivaTec’s experience as it offers competent and code compliant solutions, from planning to installation.