Railway and road tunnels shorten journey times considerably, because they overcome large obstacles such as mountains and rivers with the shortest routes.

Lots of people feel uncomfortable when they enter a tunnel. Numerous tragic accidents in the past cause these fears and generate a need for sophisticated safety equipment. The most important requirement to safety equipment is however always its reliability.

A photoluminescent safety guidance system comprises individual components which work and function totally independently from each other. The factors which would cause a complete failure of the photoluminescent safety guidance system would also make any other optical guidance system fail. On the other hand photoluminescent products do however still work when electrical systems have already broken down. Our products have been used for many years in underground stations and tunnels, railway and road tunnels in Germany and abroad and have proven their durability and effectiveness. Individual signs showing the distance to the nearest emergency exit, special  luminescent properties, fast-charging materials and corrosion-resistant high-grade steel offer a wide selection of options for egress route markings all sorts of tunnels.