Equipping a road tunnel with egress route signage according to the requirements of UNE 23035 1-4 (2003).

  • Road tunnel in Spain
  • Newly built, part of a new motorway section, length approx. 5,000 m.  
    2 tunnels
  • Tunnel walls made of reinforced concrete
  • Lighting: halogen lamps, car headlights between 70 and 500 Lux
  • UNE 23035 1-4 (2003) requires the fitting of road tunnels with egress route signage

  • First request for a quotation via our partner
  • Technical evaluation of the inquiry, design service (pictograms), coordination of technical details, calculations  
  • Quotation for egress route signage
  • Egress route signage out of aluminum, partially indicating distances.
    • Custom signs with an overall size of 5.0 x 2.0 m (in parts).
    • Fire safety signage (fire extinguishers, manual fire alarm devices, fire hose, etc.) made of aluminum 300 x 300 mm
    • Panic bar markings on exit doors
    • In total approx. 1,200 signs
    • Translucent plates to be processed into emergency lighting
  • Delivery, installation by our local partner

January 2010:

  • The inquiry for egress route signage for a road tunnel arrives at Permalight® Germany, the enquiry is then technically evaluated.

February 2010:

  • Missing data from the initial inquiry is provided
  • Coordination on type and style of the graphics
  • Recalculation and submittal of a the proposal

March 2010:

  • Technical and commercial evaluation of the propsal by the customer; re-negotiations.
  • Permalight® is awarded the contract

The meter indications of the single egress signs depend on the position of the sign at the emergency exits and cannot yet be determined.

  • The production for all further signs starts.

March / April 2010:

  • The first signs are delivered.

May 2010:

  • Custom signs of the size 5.0 x 2.0 m are delivered in parts and installed by our partner.  

June 2010:

  • Permalight receives the missing data so that all signs can be fabricated and delivered.  
  • Installation, billing, completion of the project.