PERMALIGHT® Raw Material|the basis for luminescent innovations

PVC- (Polyvinylchlorid-)films are used as basic materials for signage, warning markings or guidance lines on walls with very smooth surfaces. The films are self adhesive and between 300 to 500 µm thick, depending on the model. PVC-films are available with luminance values from 23/3 mcd/m² up to 300/4 mcd/m². In addition to finished products we can deliver photoluminescent films on rolls or as pre-cuts for the screen-printing industry.

For higher requirements (such as plotting), films with a polyester surface are available. These films are very flexible and tend to shrink less than the PVC films.

As those PVC films are only slightly UV stable, photoluminescent markings made of the foils is not meant for outdoor use.

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